Ron, Kerry and Hannah have the great joy in completing families each and every year! 

Ron built the Winchester Golden Ranch in 2000 and has been a Retriever breeder for 30 years. Kerry and Hannah became part of Ron's family 12 years ago, and fell in love with the breeds too!  

We have all parents on site.  We do not offer Stud services, nor hire out for studs.  All breeding is done onsite.  We take great pride in providing high quality Retriever Companion Pets  to families across the Country.  We do ship puppies (For an additional fee), but prefer owners to come onsite to meet our family and our dogs.

Our 15 Retrievers are not just Breeding Dogs, they all are part of our Family.  All dogs stay part of our family even after retired. They enjoy going to the Beach, going to the mountains, hiking, or just a ride to the store. 


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A friendly greeting.

When you arrive our ranch, you will most likely be greeted by one of our 15 furry family members!


We are here to help you choose your companion and answer all your questions


Professional service.

We will help prepare you when you take your puppy home.

A Little Bit About Us......

Winchester Goldens has the pleasure of sponsoring Autism walk each year.  Ron, Kerry, Hannah and Ginger with Evan (our nephew) after Walk through the Vines 2015

Our daughter Hannah gives all the puppies lots of love!

Meet Our Family

What to Expect

This is definitely the place to go if you are interested in adopting the most lovable little treasures on this earth - The Golden Retriever!  The folks who breed, raise, nurture, and facilitate these "Goldens" are the most knowledgeable, caring, and loving people you will ever meet - Hands Down!

We stumbled across this wonderful place by researching Winchester Goldens online back in 2012.  From the very first moment of contact with Kerry & Ron, we knew it was the place to go. Not only are they wonderful in raising these Goldens, they are excellent down to earth folks.

After scheduling an appointment to meet with them regarding our future adoption of a new Golden puppy, we ventured out to take a look at the facility and learn about the process.  We were so impressed with their attitude and their commitment to placing these pups in a good loving environment and nurturing homes. Ron and Kerry were extremely helpful and genuine during our experience with them.  Just like the Golden pups, Ron and Kerry were just as charming to us!

We spent quite a while learning about the Goldens, the process of adopting a Golden pup, and proper "Lifetime care" which is very important.  We decided to purchase a "Golden" from them and it was the BEST decision we could have ever made.  Their prices were fair and their care for these pups are extraordinary! We didn't just get a new Golden pup for our son,  we got a lifetime friendship with Ron AND Kerry too!  I wouldn't recommend any other breeder because Winchester Goldens is the ONLY place to go.

Our Golden pup was up to date with her required shots, including a microchip implant for tracking purposes if she ever got separated from us.  Our son has loved this Golden since day 1 and she is his VERY BEST FRIEND!  He loves her and she loves him. They are always together and are such wonderful lifetime pals!

We are blessed and honored to have purchased our wonderful dog from Winchester Goldens!  We are so happy with our family dog "Cheyenne" - who by the way, picked US during the selection process.  While standing in a small fenced in area of puppies, my wife and I stood still as we observed the pups. After just a few seconds.....this little adorable sweet pup walked over to my wife and rested her head on my wife's feet.  My wife picked the pup into her arms and at that very moment the pup nibbled & licked my wife's ear - it was love at first sight!  That's when we both knew she was the dog for us!

Thank you for reading our review and if you plan on going to Winchester Goldens, AND you are loving & responsible dog loving people, then this is the place for you![Winchester Goldens - Winchester, CA, United States. The BEST dog in the world - Cheyenne!]
The BEST dog in the world - Cheyenne!
Rich -Omaha, NE

Dear readers. I have to tell you-  I don't think there are any other GOLDENS as sweet and as beautiful as my MALONE. He is as big as a Great Dane. And as sweet as sugar. He is so beaut if ul and everyone falls in love with this boy. He was my angel that came at such a sad time in my life when we lost our Mandy Girl. Thank you so much for letting us pick out this wonderful guy. That same year we lost our other older golden Mickey.  we were devastated once again.God be with my babies in heaven.  We then picked out our MACY. "CAN YOU SAY IN LOVE "?? This little gal is full of life and as sassy as they come. Her teachers love love love her.
The minute you drive up to what I call GOLDEN HEAVEN RANCH you'll understand why they are the right pick for anyone. You pull up to to rolling hills and beautiful GOLDENS playing on this beautiful property. These GOLDENS are their family not their business. Ron and Kerry are beautiful people and so loving to everyone.
If you are looking for a new family member I recommend calling them.

Tracy - Yucaipa

Kerry (on right) with owner Karen and Sadie

Ron with our beloved Pano hiking in Idyllwild

I cannot express enough how wonderful the adoption process was with Winchester Goldens! Our 3 kids wanted a dog for almost 8 years.  As a teacher, I had 2 students who adopted their dogs from Kerry and Ron. I started asking my families at school and heard so many wonderful things about adopting a dog from them. We knew we wanted a Golden for ages.  I contacted Kerry and the process began. She answered any questions we had. She let us visit her wonderful space for the dogs. We actually felt like they were family from the moment we met them. After the puppies were born, she kept in close communication. She sent pictures of the puppies whenever I asked, which was quite often!  Our family is now complete with our wonderful girl, Sadie, who we've had for almost 2 years.  She's such a great dog and I truly believe it was because of the love and care she was given during her time with her Golden family.

Karen - San Diego

Thank You's from our Customers

Ron and Kerry are the quintessential Golden breeders!

Their love and environment provide the absolute best care for all of their adults and the puppies they rear. Breeding only among their personal Goldens, you can be fully confident of the lineage and health of the parents.

They've spared no expense when it comes to providing a clean and comfortable area to which their Goldens call home, playground, and whelping room. Ron and Kerry diligently track the pregnancy, schedule all the proper Vet visits, and once puppies are born, take great care to keep on schedule for worming and vaccines. Yet, their pricing is fair; they breed Goldens NOT for the profit, but for the LOVE they bring to every new home and family.

Ron and Kerry are warm, friendly, and always show a love for every Golden the bring into this world by loving to stay in contact as a part of the Winchester Golden Family!

Steve - Glendora

​​Winchester Goldens & Labradors

From our first correspondence to that special day a week ago when we picked our dear furever friend Logan up, Kerry and Ron have been amazing! When my daughter and I visited Winchester Goldens about six weeks ago, Kerry and Ron gave us a warm welcome as well as introduced us to Holly and her three female pups, took the time to answer all our questions, and offered some excellent advice on preparing for the arrival of Logan. We also got to see several of their adult dogs - healthy, happy and very much a part of their day. An especially important quality is that they do not send their retired dogs away - they are keepers. In the following weeks, Kerry was outstanding in replying immediately if I had a comment or question - we felt so special as I do believe any family has felt when they have been waiting for their puppy. On THE day, once again we were so well treated - no rush - we enjoyed their hospitality in the shade of their lovely yard - and laughed over the antics of both the adult goldens and the puppies. They took the time to rub blankets on Logan's mom so that Logan would feel her mom's presence at our home. Kerry also got in touch the next day to see how Logan had done during the night.. and we continue to keep in touch as we feel we are very much a part of the Winchester family. Logan adjusted so well, and last night after only one week here Logan slept through the whole night. She is such a happy, well adjusted puppy - and we credit that to the care that she received at Winchester Goldens. Thank you so much for sharing the joy with us that you have brought to so many families!


I got our sweet girl from Ron and Kerry. She is super cute and mellow pup. 
I searched the golden pup for a few months and found Ron and Kerry from AKC market place site. There are so many choices when you look for a new family member but I am so happy with my decision! 
They are very trustable breeder has a lot of experiences and I feel at ease every time they were with me when I had question. 
Our sweet girl Lucy is doing so great, I was amazed how she is adjusting new life very well every day:) 
Thank you so much, Ron and Kerry! We can't be happier with our decision to have new family member from you.

Front Row:

From Left - Bear, Penny, Sophie, Abby

Back Row:

From Left - Gracie and Ginger